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Best Silk Screen Mediums for Artists –


Do you have acrylic paints that you’d like to use in silk screening? You can make them suitable for use in your silk-screening method by mixing them with an acceptable silk-display medium. These formulations are meant to both maximize drying time, to make the paint more effortlessly workable with no drying, and to lengthen the everyday living of your screens by creating the paint more very easily washed out when your printing session is carried out. Prior to you commit in a medium, look at out our five favorites, under.

1. Liquitex Experienced Gel Medium

Acrylic-paint stalwart Liquitex launched their silk-display screen medium in Might 2021, and it’s an outstanding addition to the niche discipline. It lowers the viscosity of paint so it can fill each depth in your layout with precision. Use it on material or paper with all the shades of your acrylic paints obtainable to you, your solutions for creative use of coloration are pretty much limitless.

Liquitex Experienced Gel Medium


2. Golden Acrylic Silkscreen Medium

Golden is a highly regarded manufacturer when it will come to paint and paint media. When mixed with acrylics in a 1:1 ratio, this medium yields a silkscreen paint that is just as saturated, daring, and lively as the paint straight out of the tube. Used with either large-human body matte acrylics or fluid acrylic paint, it imparts a delayed drying time for higher simplicity of use when printing. This medium, marketed in a 16-ounce container, is not intended for printing on fabric.

Golden Acrylic Silkscreen Medium


3. Speedball Cloth/Acrylic Transparent Foundation

Not only does this medium lengthen the drying time of acrylic paint, creating it ideal for monitor printing, but it also thins the pigment, which is to be famous when seeking for an exceptionally lively tone. The thinning course of action generates an excellent regularity for silk screening and makes your final layout a lot less stiff when transferred, which is especially valuable when doing work with rather skinny materials like spandex and some polyester blends.

Speedball Cloth/Acrylic Clear Base


4. Jacquard Screen Printing Puff Additive

If you want to include some dimension to your display screen prints, this medium is for you. The aptly named Puff Additive, when blended with acrylic paint and transferred by way of silk screen, will result in your design and style to swell a little in relief, developing a plumped-up glimpse. Microspheres in the additive increase with heat, which you ought to apply after transfer to reach the remaining glimpse. Following the structure has puffed up, it is both clean-quickly as properly as dry washer-friendly. This additive can be employed with paint on a selection of materials, from pure and artificial materials to vinyl, metal, and even leather.

Jacquard Screen Printing Puff Additive


5. Daler-Rowney System 3 Monitor Printing Set

To bounce-begin your monitor-printing pastime, Daler-Rowney would make this all-inclusive beginners’ established including everything from the body, display screen, and squeegee to the acrylics and mediums. You will discover their trustworthy screen-printing medium, which is a bit thick in contrast to its peers but correctly slows drying time, in this package. Also included is their specialized textile-printing medium, which is formulated to much better adhere to material. The 5 fundamental colours of paint listed here can be conveniently expanded with your individual acrylic paints.

Daler-Rowney Procedure 3 Monitor Printing Set



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