February 24, 2024


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Installing Solar Panels For Your Home: The Benefits Of Solar PVs

Top 4 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on Your Home - GR Landscape

Electricity bills in Australia can take quite a toll on the monthly financials. Added to that, the inconsistencies with the central power grid and homeowners have got a problem on their hands. But why bother with all of that? Residents can install solar panels on their roofs, and the myriad of benefits, like the solar rebates offered by the government, can be availed at no cost. 

With ten per cent of Australia’s energy already contributed by solar in 2021, the shift towards green energy for residential homes is slow but inevitable. And the Australian government is doing everything it can to ensure that homes will at least consider the option. Not to mention the myriad of benefits that solar power offers, both for the environment as well as for the residents. Here are a few to help cement the decision to buy a solar PV for the house: 

  1. Reduce The Costs Of Monthly Electricity Bills: Electricity bills can be brought down to a great extent with the help of solar power energy. As the power drawn from the grid is less, homeowners will have to pay less for electricity consumption. In most cases, the extra power generated from the solar cells can be used to offset the monthly quota too! With less money spent on bills, residents can use the extra money for themselves or for other parts of the property. Install a battery to enjoy the full effectiveness of solar power in the house. 
  1. Play A Part In Promoting Eco-Friendly Energy Production: There has never been a more crucial time to consider the drastic impact of fossil fuels on the environment than now. People who decide to install solar panels are aiding the fight for a cleaner energy economy. Since solar power doesn’t leave any toxic residue and does not release impurities into the air or water, it can be classified as one of the cleanest forms of energy production in the world. Additionally, there’s no need to spend extra money on maintenance as these can last for many years. 
  1. Another Step Towards Being Energy Independent: Installing solar panels is the first step towards being energy independent. Homeowners can later build a hybrid energy system comprising wind turbines to make their houses completely cut off from the central grid. There is no need to rely on government aid to power the homes throughout the year, and no more cutoffs during peak times.
  1. Installing Solar Panels Bring With It A Lot Of Government Incentives: The Australian government offers a lot of tax incentives and solar rebates that residents can exploit. Most of these incentives can aid in the purchase, offer tax breaks or take a portion out of the monthly utilities. Thanks to such plans, residents can afford the costs of installation. 
  1. Raise Market Value Of The House: Houses fitted with solar panels have seen a higher price range listing compared to those that don’t. Plus, if installed correctly, solar panels can add to the curb appeal and aesthetic value of the house. Moreover, the willingness to promote clean energy itself will bring a positive outlook from willing buyers and prospective tenants.

Installing solar panels can also help give way to building other eco-friendly systems like solar water heaters and solar ovens, allowing homeowners to keep minimising their dependence on electricity made from nonrenewables. With the myriad of advantages and rewards from the government, it is fair to say that those who are not willing to install solar PVs are surely missing out.