December 4, 2023


General will live on forever

Learning needs joy and civility


This week’s exclusive version of Improvements in Education, hosted by Kevin Hogan, arrives stay from one of the nation’s major edtech conferences. At least 15,000 educators and edtech enthusiasts are collected in New Orleans for ISTELive 22.

ISTE CEO Richard Culatta notes that we have “beaten the joy out of learning” in recent a long time. Now is the time to inspire educators and learners. Along with inspiration comes the concept of injecting civility, kindness, and comprehending into education.

“It’s Alright to disagree…you will need to disagree it’s how you master, but we have to do it in a way which is type and civil, and you have to product that for young ones,” Culatta claimed.

In this distinctive version:

  • Rethinking instructing and mastering
  • Modeling technological know-how adoption
  • Activity-shifting resourceful systems
  • Real-globe SEL implementation
  • How to honor the hero educators in your world
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