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4 Practical Tips for Traveling Internationally With an Infant - MotherhoodLater.com

4 Practical Tips for Traveling Internationally With an Infant – MotherhoodLater.com

4 Practical Tips for Traveling Internationally With an Infant

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Naysayers often warn newly married couples that traveling will become a luxury once they have children. While venturing out of the country with your little ones in tow can be challenging, there are various ways to make the experience less stressful and more pleasant. Here are four essential tips to help keep your sanity in check while traveling overseas with your infant.

Visit their pediatrician

Unlike older children, infants need to see their doctor more often to ensure they develop properly. Before starting the planning process, you must get a go signal first from their pediatrician. Inform their doctor of your upcoming travel details, especially your destination country and trip duration. Your baby’s pediatrician can tell you if your little one is fit and healthy enough to fly overseas and give you essential health recommendations. They will also ensure that your baby gets the vaccinations your destination country requires.

Secure all essential travel documents

Regardless of age, all travelers must have a valid passport to travel internationally. Passport processing takes considerable time, as the standard time is usually seven to ten weeks. To prevent unnecessary delays, get your infant a passport at least three to six months before your trip. Since your baby needs to be looking at the camera with their eyes open for the passport photo, it is ideal you get it done when they’re fully awake and relaxed. If you’re traveling as a single parent, check your destination country’s travel guidelines, as some countries require you to secure a Child Travel Consent.

Pack wisely

Since babies tend to use plenty of items, packing for an international trip can be tricky. List down all your essential travel needs and prioritize them by importance. Research the expected weather conditions of your destination country and bring appropriate clothing. Check your flight carrier’s luggage limits and milk guidelines to prevent unwanted trip setbacks. If you have loved ones residing in your target country, consider borrowing some of their unused baby gear, especially bulky items.

Another luggage save-spacing option is to rent baby equipment from reputable baby gear rental companies. If you’re traveling to a humid or tropical place, remember to use a mini fan for stroller to keep your baby cool and comfortable while sightseeing. Make sure you can easily navigate your luggage and try to keep your hands free so you can attend to your little one’s needs immediately.

Book your flight tickets strategically

While infants generally fly for free, getting them their own seats can help make the flight more comfortable for you and your little one. Try to book the seats in the back so you can easily access the bathroom for diaper changes and cradle your crying baby with minimal passenger disturbance. If your budget is limited, check with your airline in advance if they offer a baby bassinet option. Book a flight that matches your infant’s sleeping schedule so you can reduce sleep-deprived meltdowns. You should also plan for the airport waiting period and arrive within the suggested check-in time.


Taking your infant on an international trip is no easy feat. With proper planning, unwavering patience, and the right attitude, you can make the trip a fun and memorable adventure for everyone.