December 4, 2023


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5 Surprising facts about dividing assets after separation


Like with several aspects of a marriage or partnership breakdown, when it will come to dividing belongings right after separation it can be perplexing.

This isn’t assisted by the a lot of myths and assumptions that surround it. When it arrives to dividing assets soon after separation, the pretty to start with point you have to have to do is GET THE Specifics.

The down below points reveal the actuality close to some of the most misinformed regions of your fiscal separation method.

Economic separation details you require to know

1. You never need a attorney to monetarily individual

If you and your ex-companion are able to get to arrangement about parenting preparations and/or your economical settlement and want to formalise your settlement and make it lawfully binding, you can jointly use to the Spouse and children Court docket of Australia (“Family Court”) for consent orders, and can select to do so without participating a law firm.

The Family Court docket has to be satisfied that the settlement is just and equitable and/or in the very best pursuits of the boy or girl/ren right before they can make a consent get.

Similarly, you can apply to the Federal Court docket for a divorce, possibly jointly with your ex-lover or on your individual, and can do so devoid of a lawyer.

Divide Simple Financial Separation

2. It does not issue whose identify property are in

It doesn’t issue in whose name belongings are owned or debts are owed. Any property owned or money owed thanks by either celebration are assets and liabilities of the marriage and all require to be regarded as and disclosed to the Relatives Court docket in a money settlement.

3. All contributions are valued when dividing property following separation

All contributions created to the romantic relationship or relationship are valued.  The Relatives Court docket of Australia groups contributions as:

  • Non-money contributions
  • Contributions as homemaker or father or mother

4. Superannuation can be split during a financial settlement

Each and every party’s superannuation harmony is an asset, which needs to be disclosed and considered in a fiscal settlement.

Superannuation balances can be break up and a part transferred to the other occasion as component of a monetary settlement, but superannuation must stay in the superannuation atmosphere.  For example, a partner can transfer a portion of his tremendous to his wife as component of their assets settlement, but his spouse simply cannot then withdraw her super equilibrium in money to use to fund a house invest in.

These superannuation splitting legal guidelines utilize to married or de facto couples in all States and Territories of Australia, with the exception of de facto couples in Western Australia.

Shocking info about dividing assets following separation (cont.)

5. Existing worth of all belongings and liabilities is required

The assets of the connection are break up when the money settlement is completed.  This can be a prolonged time immediately after the precise separation.  For that reason, it is critical that the assets of the romantic relationship are guarded and preserved until the financial separation system is concluded.

The net asset pool should be valued as at the time when the money settlement is lodged with the Family Court.

The assets and liabilities of each and every of the get-togethers have to be listed in the Application for Consent Orders at their existing market worth, getting the sector worth at the time the application is lodged with the Family members Courtroom.

Typically couples are prepared to declare what the benefit of their property and liabilities had been at their separation day, but do not desire to disclose their present-day economic position (as at the date when their software is completed and lodged).  Having said that, the Relatives Courtroom needs recent market value to be applied, with each other with full and frank disclosure, so there is no obtaining about this.  It is thus a good idea for couples to finalise their fiscal settlement as shortly as is practicable immediately after separation.


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