May 25, 2024


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72 HOURS by Emily Dodd-Noble 

72 HOURS by Emily Dodd-Noble 

Introducing 72 Hrs by Emily Dodd-Noble. A Berlin-centered photographer who has lately concluded the challenge 72 Hrs. The perform functions analogue images taken through the underground rave scene, in Berlin, lockdown 2021.

I moved to Berlin December 2020 and the pictures depict the instant in which I achieved folks for the very first time.

Inside of the mainstream celebration scene in Berlin, pictures is prohibited so these pictures depict a scene that is otherwise not able to be documented.

“The visuals showcase communities that prior to Covid ended up submersed in the club scene, even so, owing to Covid, these pictures just depict what was going on underground. In just Berlin the get together scene did not go absent just because of Covid, it basically shifted. The queer social gathering communities basically found other harmless spaces to go and these photographs are a enjoy letter to those that located these spaces simply because they needed to sense related to like-minded others and categorical by themselves.”

Emily Dodd-Noble is a Berlin-dependent, analogue photographer who looks to seize the raw and authentic, intimate minute of interaction involving herself and the subject matter subject Dodd-Noble focuses on the beautiful authenticity of one’s character, and their unapologetic feeling of self.

Dodd-Noble attends voguing balls, queer underground events, drag shows and queer festivals, with the intention of photographing people from queer, non-binary, BIPOC and LBGTQIA+ communities. Through her, images Dodd-Noble aims to present folks the strength of their uniqueness and enable them to rejoice how their true self, inspite of remaining distinctive, is immensely wonderful.