December 9, 2023


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8 things I wish I’d known before moving to Australia on a working holiday visa


If you are doing work legally in Australia, you’re entitled to the least wage. No matter if you are doing work at a farm or in a restaurant, you should really receive at least $18.93 an hour  (£10.72 or 13.75 US$), which compares incredibly favourably with quite a few other countries.

There is yet another potential bonus, as well, for travellers searching for versatile operate. If you’re a ‘casual’ employee, ie. one particular with no fixed, certain functioning several hours, you’re entitled to a ‘casual loading.’ This provides 25% on to your hourly charge, bringing your least wage up to $23.66. Not bad for a ‘tourist!’

As you almost certainly know, in purchase for working holiday break visa holders to get their 2nd 12 months visa, they must entire some sort of agricultural perform. Persons believe that this implies fruit picking in the blazing sunlight, but there are a great deal of other alternatives out there, from cooking, to cleaning to mining.

You may well have also heard a handful of horror tales encompassing the dangerous exploitation of Performing Holiday getaway Makers by unscrupulous farmers. Corruption and unlawful abuses continue to carry on, but the authorities has been cracking down in modern many years. Check out out the Visa bureau web site for Specified Do the job Listings so you know the spot that you work operates almost everything safely and securely and reasonably.


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