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9 Montessori-aligned Teeth Brushing Tips for Toddlers — The Montessori-Minded Mom


Are you fatigued of tooth brushing time in your residence being a time of stress and upset for the two you and your toddler? Are you looking for some light, Montessori-aligned teeth brushing recommendations?

You have occur to the proper place.

Brushing your toddler’s tooth doesn’t have to be a big wrestle. There are a lot of tactics you can put into practice that can aid your toddler experience much more at simplicity with the course of action.

image of child refusing to brush his teeth. Montessori teeth brushing tips will help him.

How do I brush my toddler’s tooth devoid of a battle?

At some stage in time, your formerly agreeable toddler may well becoming to resist owning their tooth brushed.

At this age (the specific age will change but this usually takes place in between 18-24 months), toddlers are recognizing increasingly that they are separate beings from their mothers – the owners and operators of their very own bodies.

Toddlers understand that they can say “no” to matters they do not want, and who actually would like anyone reaching into their mouth with a toothbrush?

So, cleansing a toddler’s tooth by natural means becomes a struggle.

There are strategies, nevertheless, to give your youngster the autonomy they crave when building guaranteed they get their enamel brushed.

9 Montessori-aligned teeth brushing ideas for mothers and fathers

Allow for your boy or girl to decide out their own toothbrush & toothpaste

Does your kid have a favored animal, ebook character, or Tv show? I’m certain they do!

Dollars in on your toddler’s desire for autonomy in choice-building and have them accompany you to the store to select out their very own toothbrush and/or toothpaste.

This serves 2 reasons – to give them some power in the circumstance and to get them fired up about brushing their enamel.

Let your toddler get a transform to start with

Toddlers adore to do matters by themselves, but tooth brushing is not a little something that really should be still left up to a youngster till at least 6 decades outdated. (Numerous little ones have to have aid brushing their teeth nicely previous 6.)

You can try setting a timer for your boy or girl and for by yourself. Your toddler can brush for X variety of seconds and you can brush after them for the whole 2 minutes.

Montessori Realistic Lifestyle Brushing Teeth Presentation

Enamel are great. They are pleasurable to count, understand the names of, and treatment for.

Toddlers may possibly not be pretty prepared for a formal presentation of this Practical Everyday living Exercise, but investing in a tray of mastering supplies, dependent on your child’s temperament, might be a fantastic plan.

Have your youngster observe you brush your teeth

It’s important to make it possible for our little ones to witness us carry out self-care duties.

Toddlers need to see that we acquire the time to treatment for our personal enamel.

Just like any other job of our that our children emulate, observing us brush our possess teeth may well prompt them to want to do the identical – and hopefully allow for us to aid them.

Melissa & Doug Super Smile Dentist Package

Opposite to common perception, fake participate in is inspired in Montessori residences. Young children get pleasure from mimicking what they see adults do and Montessori encourages this

If your toddler has visited a dentist, getting them a toy dentist kit, like the 1 below, can aid them investigate and get enthusiastic about oral treatment.

Plastic toys with playdoh “plaque”

Giving toddlers a opportunity to apply a talent on their personal, throughout play, is a terrific way for them to make perception of the lessons we’ve presented them.

Placing a little bit of playdoh on the tooth of any plastic toy and placing a toothbrush subsequent to it is the fantastic invitation for a toddler to examine the principles concerned in tooth brushing.

Enamel brushing tunes

I recall a early morning a couple of years back wherein we ended up in a bit of a rush and I ushered the youngsters towards the door in the morning in advance of their tooth had been brushed.

My 3.5-calendar year-previous stopped me and sang “Twice a working day, get it completed. Place a small toothpaste on! Mommy, we have to brush our enamel!”.

It was from a tooth brushing track we listened to a large amount on our Alexa at the time.

If you look for Youtube or Amazon Audio, you will be capable to find some pleasurable music about brushing enamel.

Youngsters love songs. So, if you are owning issues with finding your toddler to let your brush their enamel, listening to some fun enamel brushing tracks can assist.

Just take edge of bathtime

In our household, we have constantly taken edge of baths for self-treatment duties of all types.

This is due to the fact baths are entertaining (the children are agreeable in the bathtub) and the young children are presently in the temper for having thoroughly clean.

Set up a self-treatment station in the toilet

If you want to give your toddler with highest autonomy when it arrives time for oral hygiene, location up a self-care station in your rest room is a good idea, supplied you have the place.

Possessing child-dimension spaces and smaller household furniture aids toddlers truly feel significant and capable.

The toddler toilet self-care station in the image beneath can provide as a terrific guideline for placing jointly your very own.

The stage wherein brushing your child’s tooth is a battle, nevertheless it feels like a mile-prolonged uphill struggle, is fairly short for most people.

With these Montessori-aligned tooth brushing strategies, you may be able to get forward of the issues or at minimum meet up with them head-on.

Do you have any strategies to include to this checklist? Any gizmos, online games, or other tricks that have helped get your toddler as a result of the toothbrush battles?

Cheers and really don’t neglect to subscribe!

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