May 25, 2024


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A Brief Guide to Home Security System (Nanny Cams)

Suppose you wish to get an additional help with your children. In that case, you should find a caretaker or babysitter who can help you throughout the process. One of the most popular options for most people is implementing a nanny cam as the way of making sure babysitter handles everything per agreement. 

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When you add a childcare worker cam, you will get peace of mind as soon as you go outside. You can easily check out your loved ones and caretaker throughout the day by using smartphone, tablet or laptop. However, before you make up your mind, you should consider a few things. 


\You should know that each babysitter cam comes with specific shape and color, while you can also choose characteristics depending on your preferences. Some of them can easily zoom and pan out, while others remain stationary, which is vital to remember. 

Therefore, if you wish to place a nanny cam on your wall or bookshelf, we recommend you to ensure it has a wide view so you can capture everything in the room or hallway you wish to check out.

When it comes to large rooms such as play areas and nurseries, you can choose additional features such as titling up and down, panning side to side and zooming in and out depending on your preferences.

Generally, nanny cams do not have to do all the work within your household. You can take advantage of smart home devices that will ensure things run as smoothly as possible for your caretakers, kids, and others. You should also consider specific characteristics, including:

  • Night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Cloud storage or video recording
  • Video quality 
  • State laws
  • Encrypted live feed

Are They Legal?

In all states within the US, you can video a specific area without recording audio, which is important factor to remember. You should always check the state surveillance regulations before making up your mind. 

Although you are looking at a suspicious activity, the footage may not be effective in court, meaning you will enter the ramifications. You should know that nanny cam laws vary from area to area, but in some areas, you must get two-party consent before recording anything within your household. 

Therefore, if you live in Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, Illinois, Connecticut, California, Hawaii, Washington, Pennsylvania, Montana, and New Hampshire, you should get two-way consent before placing the cam. 

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It is vital to start caretaking relationship in good terms, meaning as soon as you decide to hire a new babysitter or nanny, you should tell them about all indoor security equipment you are using, which will prevent potential legal ramifications and provide you peace of mind. 

It doesn’t matter whether you already implemented proper security or you want to do it, because it is vital to talk with your nanny and talk about potential installation, which is a precaution that will help you avoid breach of trust.

Benefits of Nanny Cams

One of the biggest decisions parents must face is leaving their young ones to complete strangers, which can be problematic and lead to severe stress in the long run. If you wish to prevent it from happening, we recommend you to adopt security measures that will help you reach the video the time you feel stress or worry. 

We have heard numerous stories of babysitters and childcare workers caught on cams neglecting or abusing children, which is something you should avoid and prevent. That is why nanny cams entered the market, because you can hide them around your household and take the action in case someone makes a mistake. 

  • Safety – Most people think that babysitters are generally good people who are here to help you out while you are away working. However, you should consider the safety of your children as one of the most serious aspects of life. Still, when the abuse happens, children are more likely to understand the process, which is why they stay silent throughout the process. It means that the cycle of abuse can continue without anyone’s knowledge. If you wish to prevent it from happening, we recommend you to implement a nanny cam. 
  • Control – Handling your loved ones to complete strangers requires significant trust and ability to offer control to someone else who was outside of your life. Numerous nanny cams are here to provide you the constant access from a personal device or computer, meaning you can access everything in real time and check out everything that is going on in your home. 
  • Ensure High-Quality Care – In most cases, we hire babysitters based on valuable and additional credentials, while doing background check and getting recommendation from people who already used the services. Still, they should have other skills apart from keeping your loved ones including teaching degrees, certificates, musical or language instruction qualifications. In case a babysitter agrees, you must pay additionally for the extra competencies and services. That way, you can ensure your child gets the max benefit from the specific person. You should avoid choosing someone who will just sit in front of a TV or by the phone, while your loved ones are roaming around without supervision. That is why you should install a nanny cam that will provide you peace of mind. 
  • Prevent Theft – Nanny cam is not just about getting additional safety and security for loved ones. Instead, you can monitor complete strangers while in your household. You can do it for construction workers, contractors, landscapers, and other people that hang inside your household for specific reasons.