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Animal Crossing New Horizons Tutorial

February in Animal Crossing means the arrival of Festivale, a vivid and energetic celebration of dancing, confetti, and shades. The Festivale party is coming on February 15, but there are items to see and do just before then to get ready for the vibrant party. Here’s almost everything we know about Festivale and what you have to have to know major up to the party.


festivale feathers animal crossing

What greater way to prepare for Animal Crossing’s Festivale than dressing the section? There’ll be a couple garments objects themed close to the occasion obtainable for purchase at your regional tailor’s store. The Equipped Sisters store will have three distinct things that rotate from day to day.

The Festivale Tank Dress is a sleeveless sequin number that you can invest in for 2,600 Bells. The Festivale Accessory is a feathery headband that sells for 2,240 Bells. Ultimately, grab the Festivale Costume for 2,600 Bells. It is a top and pants combo lined in sequins and sparkles. All 3 garments goods arrive in pink, orange, eco-friendly, or blue.


If you are far more into decorating your island and property, head to Nook’s Cranny to seize some Festivale home furnishings. They also occur in the exact 4 colors, however which colour is accessible in your shop is identified by your island, and you’ll need to have to trade with others to get the additional shades.

There are 9 items in whole: Festivale Lamp (1,500 Bells), Festivale Phase (6,000), Festivale Garland (4,000), Festivale Stall (3,000), Festivale Flag (1,300), Festivale Balloon Lamp (4,000), Festivale Parasol (2,500), Festivale Drum (2,100), and the Festivale Confetti Equipment (5,000). Maintain in head that each merchandise can only be obtained once, so make sure to use them wisely!

There will be one product in your shop each working day. If you overlook any, you are going to have to do some excellent previous time touring (if you are buying up what we’re putting down).

Response Set

Potentially most remarkable to you is the capability to use some new reactions. If you head to Nook’s Cranny and glance in the cabinet, you are going to obtain the Viva Pageant Response Set. Purchase it for 19,800 Bells and you’ll be equipped to use 4 new reactions.

Feelin’ It is a cute little salsa dance. Let us Go is a minor beckoning hand movement though hopping. Viva is a tiny dance with gold sparkles. At last, Confetti lets you boogie and toss confetti in the air. Quite a few NPCs will react in type when you use the reactions around them in their sightline. Attempt it out on Timmy and Tommy in advance of you depart the store and you’ll get to see them be as cute as ever.



Animal Crossing New Horizons

The moment the significant day arrives on February 15, Pavé will be in your town plaza with a colourful arch. He’ll activity you with obtaining feathers about your island, particularly asking for a specific color each and every time. Capture them with your net and carry them to him. It is not crystal clear pretty but what will occur when you do this, but if previous occasions are anything at all to go off of, he’ll likely give you Do it yourself recipes in return. Each time you bring him a feather, he’ll do a enjoyment dance to celebrate.

Hold an eye out for particular rainbow feathers floating close to your island. These are more difficult to discover, but if you provide them to Pavé, he’ll seemingly give you a “special reward.” Once more, we don’t know still what this will be.

To delight in almost everything Animal Crossing’s Festivale function has to supply, you are going to have to have to make certain your recreation is up-to-date to the hottest version 1.7.. It should prompt you quickly when your Swap is related to the world wide web. Are you fired up about the function? Let us know in the comments below!