March 2, 2024


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Call for Applications: TLAC Fellows–Cohort 3


Denarius Frazier: Master Teacher; Cohort 2 TLAC Fellow


Several years ago, we piloted the first two cohorts of our Teach like a Champion Fellowship.

The TLAC Fellows were a small group of excellent teachers who engaged with the TLAC Team in a sustained multiyear professional development relationship and conversation. The group met regularly—both in person and remotely–to dig deep into the craft of teaching, study video, and explore research in cognitive science.

It was an incredibly valuable experience from our point of view: we learned a lot, saw the classroom through the eyes of outstanding colleagues and generated a LOT of great video. But the purpose of course was to inspire the Fellows to continuing seeking to become masters of their craft and to deepen their love of teaching. If we were able to do that, we thought, would be able to help them influence other teachers around them and keep the best and the brightest in the classroom.

To that end, we humbly think we succeeded: fellows built long-term relationships with one another and members of our team. Several of them contributed some of the most powerful videos in our workshops and books. We keep in touch with many of them–a few even joined our staff.

So after a hiatus due to the pandemic, we are very, very excited to announce that we are opening applications later this summer for our third cohort of TLAC Fellows!

The past two years have required teachers to adapt to a constantly changing educational landscape, and students are returning to in-person school with increasingly urgent learning needs. Across the country and around the world, schools are struggling to attract and keep top teachers in classrooms. We see this as an opportunity to honor, study and invest in the challenging and important great work teachers are doing at exactly the time the profession needs it most.


If you are a teacher who is looking to be valued and celebrated for your work while being pushed to grow in your own practice to become even better for your students and colleagues, we invite you to apply and learn alongside us!


Cohort 3 Details:

  • The program will run from December 2022-December 2024, for which Fellows must remain in the classroom.
  • The first 18 months will involve active programming (bi-monthly remote and some in-person meetings with the team, classroom filming, video analysis, etc.) and the final 6 months will be an independent project.
  • A $10,000 stipend (paid over the course of two years, provided that Fellows remain in the classroom and complete the independent project)


For more detailed information and to see the application, visit our Fellows page here:



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