July 14, 2024


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Catastrophization | Seth’s Blog


Life’s a tragedy. It normally surprises us, and sooner or later, we all die.

But tragedies never have to direct to catastrophes. A catastrophe is a shared emergency that overwhelms our interactions and narratives.

These days, they’ve develop into a business design and a in no way-ending element of our times. If we live in a environment pushed by focus, catastrophization is a absolutely sure way to grab some. It is a vibrant pink button that causes ahead movement to freeze up.

If it aided, it would not be a difficulty. If it aided, we could use our means to make a variation. But it is not built to assist, it’s created to shift our concentration and activate our thoughts.

It might be the disaster of world functions, or the political scrum or even an not happy client on Yelp.

For too very long, individuals with electric power and privilege just overlooked things that mattered, and catastrophization is a sensible response–until it starts to undermine the operate we need to do. It immediately becomes a edition of Pressfield’s resistance, a way to avoid leaning into important jobs that could possibly not work–because it’s safer to target on a detail around there than it is to perform on some thing right below.

And it’s exhausting. Disaster fatigue sets in, and we conclude up getting rid of curiosity and drifting away, right up until the upcoming crisis comes.

Catastrophization ends up distracting us from the lengthy-expression systemic operate we signed up to do. It’s a signal that we care about what is happening suitable now, but it also retains us from concentrating on what’s going to happen quickly.

The best way to treatment is to persist in bending the tradition and our programs to boost factors around time.


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