July 12, 2024


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Choice Overload | Cramming in too Much Art Hurts your Sales


I recently watched a TED speak that strengthened my impression of the great importance of restricting the volume of artwork you try to exhibit when you are making an attempt to produce sales.

I have very long maintained that it’s a negative idea to try out and present way too a lot art at the moment. Irrespective of whether the art is being demonstrated in a gallery or at a weekend art competition, I consider it is much better to demonstrate a restricted selection of items instead of hoping to cram every thing you can into your place.

I feel that obtaining much too considerably artwork in one particular area hurts you in many techniques. Initially, it tends to make your exhibit glimpse crowded and unprofessional. Most artwork wants some space to breathe. Your display will glimpse better if just about every piece has its personal visual space.

Several galleries and artists experience like they are much more most likely to make a sale if they offer you a large assortment of function. This is a form of shotgun method. The far more you present, the contemplating goes, the additional possible you are to have anything that will appeal. I would argue that the dilemma with this strategy is that you may possibly have a improved likelihood at acquiring the suitable piece in entrance of someone if there’s a huge range of perform, but the problem is the man or woman will not be capable to correctly see the art.

A different vital difficulty with this approach is that presenting folks way too lots of options often tends to make it not possible for them to make a final decision. The TED communicate I watched gave me some scientific backing to this belief. Sheena Iyengar, a popular psycho-economist (whichever that is!?) has finished research that exhibits that when clients are faced with much too quite a few possibilities, they freeze up. It’s nicely worth viewing her speak at TED and wondering about how it applies to the artwork company. Iyengar’s insights about “choice overload” exhibit that when individuals are confronted with also several choices, they select not to pick out.

You will see in the video clip underneath that acquiring a wide range of preference can appeal to visitors, but it discourages potential buyers. Think about that for a moment. Have you ever been at a present where you had excellent attendance but didn’t make the income you would have expected?


Have you ever skilled the preference overload Iyengar refers to, either as a shopper or when making an attempt to promote your art? What are your ideas about lowering the amount of money of artwork you exhibit clients to increase sales? Share your insights in the responses down below.


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