February 23, 2024


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Exotic Mods turns 15! RM25k off Tesla, fr RM298k; 4 yr car & 8 yr batt warranty at 4S centre; RM1k JomCharge

Exotic Mods turns 15! RM25k off Tesla, fr RM298k; 4 yr car & 8 yr batt warranty at 4S centre; RM1k JomCharge

Established in 2007, Exotic Mods has served as an independent sales and service centre for European prestige marques, and with the ongoing shift towards electrification, this has come to include the electric vehicle brand Tesla, as well.

While legacy marques have been supported by official brand representatives and independent centres alike, Tesla has yet to officially enter the Malaysian market, and as such, prospective buyers may have been put off by the lack of official representation by the EV brand. That doesn’t have to be the case, as the support provided by Exotic Mods should prove.

Being the first independent Tesla 4S centre in Malaysia, Exotic Mods not only has ready stock for brand new, reconditioned and used units from the American EV carmaker, but also specialises in the maintenance and repair of vehicles from the brand, with Tesla diagnostic and repair tools, including accident repairs as well as the stocking of an extensive inventory of Tesla spare parts. Additionally, a wide range of accessories are available for Tesla vehicles from Exotic Mods, too.

Topping off for even better peace of mind, all Tesla vehicles purchased from Exotic Mods carry a full coverage four-year warranty, and an eight-year warranty for the main drive battery and drive unit (motors).

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To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Exotic Mods is offering the Charge’Em 1000 promotion for buyers of new Tesla vehicles, and there are substantial goodies on offer. Its partnership with JomCharge will offer Exotic Mods’ EV customers peace of mind with access to more than 135 charging points across the country, in city centres as well as along highways.

All customers who purchase their new Tesla vehicles during this promotional period will get free subscription to Charge’Em charging, and these will come loaded with RM1,000 worth of charging credit that will be valid for one year. Customers who purchase during this period will receive the voucher upon handover, and this will function as a pay-per-use service for the one-year period.

There’s more! As part of this promotion, Exotic Mods is also offering a cash discount of up to RM25,000, free car insurance of up to RM5,000, and RM20,000 worth of EV-related goodies with every vehicle purchase. This is comprised of an original Tesla Mobile Connector (a three-pin portable charger) and an original Tesla wall connector for your mobile and home charging needs.

Also included are CCS2 and Type 2 charging adapters for Japan-market Tesla models, GPS navigation and SIM card installation to suit the Malaysian region, and to keep your new ride looking crisp, a detailing package from Meguiar’s.

To really drive home with the peace of mind with your Tesla purchase, Exotic Mods is not only charging zero processing fees for Tesla vehicle purchases, it is also offering a free service package for four years, ensuring proper care for your vehicle’s high-voltage battery, drive units, media control units and more.

This promotion is ongoing, from now until December 31, 2022, so find out more from Exotic Mods, here, or alternatively reach out via WhatsApp or phone call on +60175444545, or +60169000280. Now’s a great time to kick off your Tesla ownership journey with the peace of mind of comprehensive support.