November 28, 2023


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Fairy Lights: Decor Ideas & Buying Guide 

Decorating Magic with LED Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are trending so much that it seems odd to think anyone could have a room without them. It’s the easiest part of the task is to buy fairy lights. But hanging them up is the more challenging part. That’s where your creativity must shine. 

Luckily, this post will make it easier for you. Check out these 5-minute designs for fairy light arrangement. 

Design Ideas 

Polaroid Strings

Here’s the most basic one. While this is the stereotypical way to spice up plain old fairy lights, it’s popular for a reason. You hang your memories, experiences, and favourite people on the lights. Not only are your strings less plain, but your favourite photos have pretty lighting around them. You relive them every time you look at them. Use some wooden clips to add more personality. 

Decorations like these become great conversation starters when you have new friends over. And, of course, you can get some great pictures for your feed in front of these. 


Create a fusion look by hanging some curtains above your bed. As they fall to the sides of your bed, it’ll give your room a regal look. Soften this look by adding fairy lights, and you’ll feel like a royal princess. 


Chances are you’ve got some electric sockets around your vanity for electrical appliances. Why not use these to upgrade your time in front of the mirror. Not only will you improve the lighting but also have the most fun vanity for you and your friends to have fun around while getting ready. 


A headboard might require some investment. It’s not always possible to get it installed since it can be expensive. Here’s a quick fix: use curtains or an extra bed sheet instead. Hang the lights first and put the sheer cloth on top so that the lighting is softened. 

Maybe it won’t look as legitimate as a real headboard, but it adds an expensive touch to your room without you needing to spend too much. 

A Sky Full of Stars

How about the ceiling? It’s a little unconventional, but isn’t that the whole point? Fairy lights on the ceiling are an unexpected twist and will wow anyone that enters your room. It might be a little tricky to find a place to plug them in. Get a large photo or cupboard to cover up the part of the fairy lights that are plugged in.

Choosing the Right Light


Here’s a must: take measurements before you buy fairy lights. You don’t want a string too long, or you’ll make your room look shabby. Similarly, a short string is the obvious evidence of a lack of planning


The size of the bulbs can also completely change their appearance. Smaller lights fade into the background and softly touch up the room. Larger bulbs, on the other hand, can become the main character, which is great if you want these lights to be the focal point in the room. 


People often impulsively buy fairy lights but later wish they had different colours. The popular colours are white, yellow, red, blue, and purple. But to make it more unique, you can also use green or multicoloured lights. 


In the end, every detail goes into setting the vibe. Consider what mood you want these lights for. Is it quiet reading time on relaxed evenings, or do you want some ambient lighting for a party? Do you want it to be romantic, or do you want to get your rock on? 

Prettify your space and light up your life!