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How to Book Early Appointment Date For US Student Visa in Nigeria


early appointment for us student

Getting US student visa interview dates in Nigeria has become a problem for many intending/prospective students trying to study in the United States of America. It has led many people to defer their admission and some have lost their admission in the process. If your resumption date is getting close, the earliest you can get the date, the faster you can start the application process.

Getting an early US appointment date requires the right timing and also ensuring you have all the requirements. 

US Early Appointment date

Lagos or Abuja for US student Visa Interview dates

People often ask which is better for an early US appointment date, Lagos or Abuja? Although Lagos seems to have more traffic than Abuja, however, from experience, you need to be open to the two options. Sometimes, dates may be available in Lagos and not in Abuja, while other times, dates may be available in Abuja and not Lagos. This is one of the reasons why you should be open to either of the two options. 

Need Help Booking Early interview dates in Lagos or Abuja

After trying all the tips listed above and you do not seem to get an early date or if your date is getting too close and you do not want to risk losing your admission. 

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Why You Need An early USA Student Visa Appointment Date

Since the pandemic, students have been having issues getting early appointment dates for the US embassy. Depending on your resumption date, you need to get an early interview date weeks before the resumption date. This is to ensure you have enough time to book the earliest possible date.

The Don’ts of the US Student Appointment date

1. Do not book a date when your resumption date has passed. If your resumption date is August 26, do not book dates after the resumption date, if you do, your chances of visa denial are high. 

2. Do not over refresh the appointment page, refreshing the page too many times could lead to your account being blocked for up to 72 hours. 

3. Do not input wrong information. 

Reasons for US student Appointment Date Scarcity 

There are so many reasons for US Appointment date scarcity, these are some of the reasons:

1. Covid 19: Since Covid 19 started in 2020, it has created scarcity, this is because most people that were supposed to go for an interview in 2020 were rescheduled to 2021. Also, this has caused so many backlogs.

2. More people applying to the US: With the current situation in Nigeria, there seem to be more people applying to the United States of America. More people are trying to relocate to the US and considering migrating to the US through the US study visa route. 

3. School Resumption date is close: The resumption date for most schools is fast approaching. It has led to the late hour rush causing many students to be seeking an appointment date.

4. Too many people trying to get a limited Date: There seem to be more people applying for a US visa appointment date than ever. We now have so many people competing for a limited spot.

Cost of US Visa Receipt 

The cost of a US student visa is 67,200 Naira. It can only be purchased from GTB/GTCO bank. It could either be done via the app, internet banking or GTBank Branch.  

US Early Appointment date visa fee

US Student Visa Expedited Date

If you need help Booking the US embassy expedited date for student visa, kindly reach out to us.

 US Student Visa Available Appointment date in Nigeria

Getting the earliest US early appointment date can be tasking. What is available on the US appointment date is usually not favourable. Therefore, getting the earliest appointment is the only way to meet up with resumption.  

early appointment for us student

To get the earliest date, it is always better to start your application on time to avoid the rush. Ensure you start processing your admission months before the resumption date. Also, look out for updates on the embassy sites. Sometimes they give priority to a student visa. This is usually announced on their website.

What is US Student Visa Appointment Wait time in Nigeria?

Right now, the US Student Visa appointment wait time is about 6 to 10 months. To avoid the long wait, you should start seeking the appointment date on time.

Where Can you Book the Earliest date?

Booking an early US visa appointment date can be done on the appointment profile, which can be assessed at www.ustraveldocs.com 

  • Once you create an account, fill in your personal information 
  • Input the MRV receipt and other requirements
  • Book the earliest date 

Tips for Booking US early appointment date 

  • Start your application early
  • Start looking out for a date immediately after you start your DS160
  • Ensure you get your I20 and pay for your SEVIS fee on time
  • Check the website every day for an early date
  • Check at odd hours 
  • Be open and try Lagos and Abuja simultaneously 
  • Employ the service of a professional

Requirement for Student Visa Interview in Nigeria

When looking for an early student appointment dates in Nigeria, you need to ensure you have the following document:

A completed DS160: One of the most important documents is a fully completed DS160 form. A DS160 form is an online form where you input information about yourself, your reasons for visiting the United States and other related information about you.

Data page of your International passport: Another important document is your passport. It is important for two reasons. It is the document through which you will be identified, secondly, it is the document where your visa will be stamped. 

Visa Fee receipt or MRV Receipt from GTB: The MRV (Machine Readable Visa) receipt number is a non-refundable payment you make to the United States embassy to purchase the US visa. It has a unique number which you will attach to the appointment profile that will let you book a date. Without the MRV receipt, you can not book an appointment on the US portal. You can only purchase this from GTCO bank formerly GTBank. 

Approved I-20: The I-20 is more like proof of admission. It is verifiable proof that you are being enrolled on a school in the United States. The institution often issues it to the prospective student. 

Receipt of i-901 SEVIS fee: SEVIS is an acronym for Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) SEVIS I-901. It is a mandatory fee that is paid by all international students studying in the United States of America. This fee cannot be paid in Nigeria, you need someone living abroad to help you make the payment.

Passport Photograph: Another requirement is a copy of your passport photograph.

How to catch The early Student Visa Interview dates in Nigeria 

Need Help Booking Early interview dates 

After trying all the tips listed above and you do not seem to get an early date or if your date is getting too close and you do not want to risk losing your admission. 

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