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I’m a parenting expert – three easy techniques to help your baby get rid of their hiccups



AS an adult, a random bout of hiccups can be infuriating and in some instances a little humiliating.

And you are not alone if you’ve attempted each system recognised to man to assist reduce them promptly.

Sophie Pickles is a parent and early learning expert


Sophie Pickles is a guardian and early discovering qualifiedCredit: Sophie Pickles

There is certainly generally no clear reason why men and women get hiccups, but there are some popular triggers together with stress, strong emotions, like pleasure, or ingesting and ingesting.

But what about when our toddler suffers from the very same dreaded destiny? Should really we do our greatest to cease them or just permit them be?

According to the professionals, hiccups are entirely typical and they do no damage to little bodies (or huge ones).

Hiccups involve no treatment method in anyway, baby and parenting qualified Rachel Fitzd, a frequent speaker at The Little one Clearly show tells Incredible.

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“On the postnatal ward we consistently took phone calls at 2am from frantic mums whose babies had hiccups and they did not know what to do,” she says.

Proving how typical they seriously are, she provides: “Babies hiccup in the womb and you can see this as early as the 20-7 days scan.”

Mother or father mentor and early decades professional Sophie Pickles agrees but suggests they can be “a small worrying” at 1st – significantly for new mums who are learning on the go.

But it truly is really worth remembering they will go absent on their individual, she claims. In some cases you just have to have to give it some time.

Hiccups following feeding? Gas could be the culprit

There is one particular matter mums should search out for even though and that is a normal pattern of hiccups straight right after feeding.

Sophie claims: “If you recognize that your child appears to get hiccups often after feeding, it might be that fuel is the perpetrator.

“If you feel this is the scenario, try out some of these simple tactics to alleviate your baby’s irritation.”

Method 1:

The very first solution is to keep your newborn up from your chest, so their head is resting on your shoulder. Then wander up and down the stairs a several periods.

Sophie suggests: “The movement can often dislodge any trapped gas bubbles and your infant will get pleasure from the movement. “

Procedure 2:

Sit your child on your knee, thoroughly supporting their torso and head. Gradually transfer them in tiny circles, first clockwise and then anticlockwise. 

Strategy 3:

Lay your toddler throughout your lap with their tummy from your legs and their head absolutely supported.

Hiccups are completely normal and parents shouldn't worry


Hiccups are totally usual and moms and dads shouldn’t get worriedCredit rating: Getty
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Pat and rub their again in a light but organization motion to assist simplicity trapped wind.

Whatsoever way you pick out, Rachel urges mom and dad not to try on babies what adults frequently test, like sucking on ice, remaining fearful or keeping their breath.

Rachel Fitzd is a published author and regular speaker at The Baby Show


Rachel Fitzd is a printed creator and regular speaker at The Newborn Exhibit

What can older people do to assist get rid of hiccups?

In accordance to the NHS, there are a number of items grown ups can consider to assistance get rid of hiccups:

  • breathe into a paper bag (do not set it over your head)
  • pull your knees up to your chest and lean ahead
  • sip ice-cold drinking water
  • swallow some granulated sugar
  • chunk on a lemon or style vinegar
  • maintain your breath for a small time


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