April 17, 2024


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Is it possible to register a .com domain for a lifetime?

A good domain name is essential for the marketing of any organisation. However, there are numerous harrowing accounts of registrants who neglected to renew their domain names and lost them. To avoid this issue or at least save money over time, you may wish to learn how to purchase a domain name permanently. 

Because of how domain registration functions. Domains such as.com,.net, and.co rely on registrars for their administrative requirements. However, with over a billion locations worldwide, registrars are faced with an enormous administrative burden. A domain name is an essential component of corporate marketing. However, domains cannot be purchased perpetually and must be rented instead. 

This article will explain how to rent a.COM domain name for a long time, if not eternally. Therefore, be patient and learn how to acquire a.COM domain after domain registration.

1. Renewal of A Domain Lease

While you cannot purchase a domain name, you can pay your rent so long as your enlistment centre is operational. Obviously, the initial stage is to pay the initial rental fee for your preferred domain name. Enlistment typically lasts a year, so you must recollect the date of your initial enrollment. Find the option on your recorder’s website to restore the rent and pay another fee before the end of the year.

You may acquire the cancellation of your domain’s rental agreement. Nonetheless, there are numerous options available to simplify the process. For instance, the majority of enrollment centres offer an auto-renewal option, yet caution is still required if you rely on auto-renewal. Numerous registrants change their credit cards but fail to update the payment information associated with their domain, causing them to lose the domain.

2. Lengthy-term leases

Another option is to take out the highest rent allowed by ICANN. The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the global organisation in charge of domains and related matters, and they typically allow registrations for one to ten years. A term of ten years could be more financially prudent and alleviate any concerns regarding rent loss. Although it is not an eternal lease, it is more durable than a standard one-year lease. In any event, this raises questions regarding the recorders that the proposition leases beyond ten years.

A few registration centres offer to register your domain name for up to 45 years, 100 years, or forever. The standard initial query is whether these offers are legitimate. In spite of the fact that these leases may extend for very long periods of time, they do not always function as advertised.

3. Permanent leases

While the most reputable recruitment centres typically offer 10-year leases, others offer extended terms. Occasionally, these are recorded as lifetime leases, whereas others offer extremely extensive enrolment periods.

Despite the fact that a large number of these organisations are genuine, upstanding entities that will fulfil these agreements satisfactorily on the whole, it appears to contradict fundamental realities. For instance, if ICANN only permits a maximum registration period of 10 years, how does a perpetual lease work? The response is astonishingly simple. While you pay upfront for an extended period of time or a lengthy enrolment period, your rent does not continue for that long. Instead, your recorder will rent the name for a maximum of ten years. When this underlying lease expires, the recruitment centre renews the rent for a further ten years.


There are anticipated pitfalls in this procedure. For instance, if the recruitment centre ceases operations, it will no longer be able to pay your rent. You will lose the excess value of your rent once your ongoing enrolment expires, so be prepared.

With any luck, you now understand how to obtain a.COM domain for an extended period of time. If you have any questions, please submit them in the section below.