April 17, 2024


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Meet the DE Characters: Abuelo


We not long ago celebrated 20 amazing decades of supporting educators and learners, but it was more than just an anniversary. It marked a new chapter in our unwavering commitment to instructors and university student engagement, whilst reigniting our passion for training and understanding.

Part of this next chapter is developing our DE loved ones to find even extra ways to creatively have interaction students—which contains a new local community of people living in your DE system!

Continue to keep looking at to get to know Abuelo, and be confident to appear again and meet up with the total gang—Disco, The Littles, and The Huge Kids—and come across them in DE!


Abuelo is Eduardo’s helpful grandpa who’s up for everything if it suggests spending top quality time with the little ones. He’s an remarkable listener who enjoys telling jokes and laughing at them—even if they’re his own. A previous chef, Abuelo is still really substantially interested in wellness and food items, and deeply appreciates different cultures. You may perhaps also capture him tearing up when on the lookout at artwork or hearing a really good story.

Wherever You&#8217ll Obtain Him

Often you’ll see Abuelo slipping asleep at inopportune instances or altering his antennae to hear you better. He may even wave his cane at you—but in a good way! But, with age comes wisdom, and Abuelo generally avoids providing a straight response and alternatively asks the correct questions so you consider of a remedy oneself.


Beloved Functions:

  • Inquiring “how does that do the job once more?”
  • Helping reiterate guidance or recapping a lesson.
  • Asking the “dumb” question to persuade deeper imagining.
  • Telling jokes and creating mild of just about every condition.
  • Being delightfully misplaced.

Abuelo’s DE Picks

Abuelo enjoys getting anyplace the children consider him, but in particular enjoys worldly performances of tunes and theater. The Society Channel is a favourite of his, and he also likes perusing the Wellness Channel for guidelines on mindfulness and vitality.

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