December 1, 2022


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Methods to Repair Damaged Asphalt

 The toughest part of repairing asphalt is to determine the type of repair needed. However, to repair needed, you would need the right equipment and materials to make sure that the results are lasting and optimal. Some repairs would be more expensive than the others. However, the biggest waste of money would be when you plan to fix a botched asphalt repair job. Asphalt Melbourne are easy to do as you could find many professionals who can do the job for you.

How to Repair Cracked Concrete? — Perfect Concrete Care

Take a look at the methods that could repair the damaged Asphalt in Melbourne.

Asphalt Patching: Asphalt patching, also called surface patching is an affordable, simple and temporary solution to fix minor asphalt issues. If you are tight when it comes to budget or time or if you have to quickly patch up a hole or a crack to restore the look of your pavement, this method could get your job done. However, it is only recommended for minor damages that have two inches or less depth. You should also keep in mind the fact that it is only a temporary solution. Surface asphalt patching would last for mere two years it is solely based on the usage frequency, weather conditions and so on) and should be kept under check. You will have to opt for a more permanent or expensive repair method.

Removal & Replacement of Asphalt: This process is known as peel and pave and is a more comprehensive and long term solution when compared to surface patching. This method is a simple and effective solution when it comes to preventing and repairing reflective cracking. Reflective cracking could be the damage caused as a result of repeated stress in a specific area of the asphalt. A continuous pressure applied on a specific area of the asphalt road would weaken over time from the weight of heavy vehicles using the same spot to park or drive. Removing and replacing asphalt means removing various layers of asphalt and extracting the areas with damage completely. Contractors try to save as much of the original asphalt pavement as possible so that it could be easily mixed with stronger and newer aggregates. The aggregates are then used to replace the old and damaged asphalt. This extends the lifespan of Asphalt.

Milling & Resurfacing: This would be an ideal solution for asphalt with large areas of failure and distress. This method would be implemented if a large portion of the asphalt is damaged and needs repair. During this process, the entire asphalt is removed and ground up into fine gravel-like pieces and a new stronger aggregate is created. The unusable asphalt would then be taken back to the processing plant and would be recycled to use further for construction purposes. This would help in maintaining sustainability and leave back a small carbon footprint. The asphalt repairs Melbourne which helps in creating an aggregate for the property would be further used to repave. Once this gets done, you would have a smooth, sturdy, clean and beautiful asphalt road that would last for upcoming years with proper maintenance and care.