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On Test: Lyra Rembrandt Pencils & Strathmore Toned Paper


In this blog article Joanna Farrow places the Lyra Rembrandt Charcoal, Sketching & Art Specials pencil sets by way of their paces. Joanna applied Strathmore Sequence 400 Toned paper pads as her floor. Lets find out how these merchandise done.

The Lyra Rembrandt Pencil Sets

The contents of the three Lyra Rembrandt pencils sets are pictured.
The contents of the a few Lyra Rembrandt pencils sets are pictured over. On the still left is the Art Specials Sketching established, in the centre is the Sketching established and on the suitable the Charcoal set.

The assortment of drawing resources contained in the Lyra Rembrandt sets and good quality of the Strathmore Toned pads offers a superior basis for experimental and finished artworks. They are suitable for beginners as well as more expert artists, no matter if for land and seascapes, even now daily life, figure drawing or portraits. Lets look at the sets in more detail.

Lyra Rembrandt Charcoal Established

Joanna Farrow drawing using the Rembrandt Lyra Charcoal set on Strathmore Series 400 Grey Toned Paper
Joanna Farrow drawing applying the Rembrandt Lyra Charcoal established on Strathmore Sequence 400 Grey Toned Paper

The Lyra Rembrandt Charcoal established includes 12 assorted charcoal drawing equipment and extras.

Hard and delicate charcoal and carbon (a combination of charcoal and graphite) pencils make this set ideal for all varieties of charcoal drawing.

The ‘paper blender’ provides a single way of smudging and smoothing charcoal and pastels around the paper. Use the suggestion for performing in excess of scaled-down regions or on its side for much larger regions. Produce a identical effect by making use of your arms or a piece of fabric or kitchen towel.

Image of charcoal blended with a paper stump and lifted with a putty rubber.

The kneadable, or ‘putty’ eraser works in the same way as a typical, stable eraser. Push or mould your putty rubber into diverse shapes for functioning on smaller parts.  Use it to soften and blur places and as soon as blackened use it to make softer marks on the paper.

Make different marks with the two dimensions of charcoal sticks by performing with them flat or on their edges.

Lyra Rembrandt Sketching Established

Carbon pencils used dry (left) on water misted paper (centre) and with water brushed over (right).
Carbon pencils used dry (remaining) on h2o misted paper (centre) and with h2o brushed above (correct).

The Lyra Rembrandt Sketching established involves an assortment of superior top quality sketching pencils and sticks.

The sketching set is excellent for discovering the qualities of both of those charcoal and oil primarily based pencils as very well as purely natural charcoal and black and sepia pastel sticks.

Experiment with combining the diverse finishes you can obtain. The charcoal adhere and pastel blocks are superior for shading, both faint and dim, when the pencils include composition and variety.

Work the difficult pastel stick on to drinking water misted paper for deep, loaded stable marks. Use the stick like a paintbrush to force the wetted pastel all around the paper. When the paper is dry, insert further element on to the dried marks.

Lyra Rembrandt Artwork Specials Sketching Established

Image of the Art Specials set

The Lyra Rembrandt Art Specials Sketching Pencil established features an assortment of superior excellent drawing and sketching pencils.

This established is completely made for artists seeking to investigate the traits and makes use of of different varieties of pencils.

The two shades of oil sketching pencils offer deep tones that really do not smudge or mix. They are therefore excellent for out of doors sketchbook drawing when you could possibly not have entry to a fixative.

Carbon pencils, (combining charcoal and graphite) are much less ‘smudgy’ than a softer charcoal pencil.  They’re best for linear experiments, and you are equipped to nevertheless rub out and partly blend them.

Graphite Aquarell pencils have been used on dry and water misted paper.
Graphite Aquarell pencils have been made use of on dry (on the still left) and h2o misted paper (on the ideal)

Use Graphite Aquarell dry or damp.  Test drawing with them onto paper that you’ve sprayed with a water mist. Or use them dry and then brush with h2o to make a slightly watercolour, inky end.

Use the sanguine and sepia dry pencils dry or like the aquarelle, with drinking water.

The white pastel pencil has a dry, chalky texture that blends perfectly with the charcoal and carbon pencils to produce softer, gray tones.  Try layering white pastel more than charcoal and visa versa.

Strathmore Sequence 400 Toned Pads

An image of a Strathmore Series 400 Toned Grey Pad with some Lyra Rembrandt pencils

Strathmore Toned pads are 118gsm Spiral Certain Sketchbooks. They are appropriate for a array of drawing and sketching procedures.

This colour paper is mid-toned, this means that you do not will need to render individuals middle values oneself. Utilise the medium tone of the paper to deliberately spot the darkest of shadows or the brightest of highlights. This procedure will save time and will allow you to emphasise those dark and light-weight price. For remarkable results use this paper with the darkest graphite or charcoal and white or pale toned pencils, and definitely make your drawings pop!

The Examination Success

Image of Strathmore & Rembrandt Lyra products

All of the drawing sets offer adequate tender, medium and tricky prospects to develop a assortment of marks and textures on the paper.  Personally I uncovered the charcoal set the most suited to my drawing design and style as I use both equally charcoal and graphite pencils in my landscapes as well as the sticks and blocks. The good quality of equally papers is very good. Their mid tones provide a superior foundation for adding mild highlights and dim marks that a white area doesn’t provide. 

I discovered the papers clean and uncomplicated to layer contrasting tones more than. The parts of the paper remaining simple ended up of adequately very good top quality and confirmed the texture of the paper. My personal desire is to use white paper for drawing but I can appreciate the pros of the tonal papers, especially as a attract for new artists.

So, by now you may well have picked one particular of these pencil sets and are raring to go with a drawing! Make sure you check out my web site post Top Strategies & Techniques For A Productive Drawing for some useful tips on developing some good drawings.

Following finishing a high-quality artwork diploma as a experienced student, Joanna Farrow decided to focus on painting. She performs both of those in her dwelling studio, as perfectly as at workshops with other artists in buy to encourage and establish her ideas and procedures.  A large amount of Joanna’s work is on canvas although her mediums are turning out to be ever more diverse as she experiments with several blended media to boost her scope of techniques and abilities.  Joanna has exhibited at various artwork fairs and is represented by galleries in the South East.

Check out Joanna’s web site right here and keep up to day with her on instagram.

Joanna is taking aspect in the South East Open up Studio celebration in June 2022, come across a lot more data right here


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