Port St. Lucie may perhaps ban sale of breeder animals at pet shops

PORT ST. LUCIE — The City Council Monday took initial ways towards producing a plan that would inspire people to get their animals from shelters and rescue organizations fairly than retail pet retailers.

But the proposal will not go far sufficient, animal advocates say.

The policy is aimed at trying to keep out  “pet mills,” places that have a historical past of selling animals with undiagnosed or untreated health and fitness situations, sometimes even infectious disorders.

“We have been privileged and have not had way too several pup boutiques pop up right here,” mentioned Mayor Greg Oravec, “and when they do, they ordinarily do not end up building it.”

The change would restrict dogs, cats and rabbits sold at pet outlets to strays, unwelcome animals and all those that arrive from an animal shelter or animal-rescue corporation. 

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