June 19, 2024


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Report: Porsche will develop a new hypercar once it's done launching new EVs

Report: Porsche will develop a new hypercar once it’s done launching new EVs

Porsche hasn’t had a product line-topping hypercar since the 918 went out of production more than seven years ago, and the Carrera GT had been around roughly a decade prior. So if Porsche launches a new hypercar every decade or so, it’s probably about time for the company to begin developing its next. In a recent interview with CAR Magazine, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume commented, “The hypercar is always a part of Porsche’s strategy.” There was some scuttle about a street car developed from the 919 Hybrid race car chassis in the last couple of years, and Porsche even went so far as to design a concept (pictured above), but it obviously never made it to production.

So what’s the hold up? “Porsche was always successful with this kind of hypercar showing what is possible, showing future technologies, cutting-edge products,” continued Blume. “We will bring a hypercar when it’s time to bring it. So hypercars will play a role for Porsche in the future. But it isn’t decided yet.” Every year Porsche is pushing the goalposts even further into the distance. The company’s all-electric Taycan sedan runs quicker 0-60 times than the 918 did, and you can lap most tracks quicker in a Cayman GT4 RS than the hybrid hypercar. So if they can do so much with so little, what point would there be to making a new hypercar right now? Truly Porsche needs some new technology to be developed to an extent that it would make sense to push into a new top-of-the-line car. When those lightweight graphene batteries hit market viability, look out!

Porsche has stated for a few years now that electrification is the company’s main focus. Not only is Porsche bringing a slew of new electric vehicles to market (including a rumored 7-seat three-row mega SUV), but it’s gradually turning everything it currently sells to electric. While the new electric Macan has been delayed, and the electric 718 hasn’t yet been shown, the switch is coming. You can bet that a larger-than-Taycan sedan will be coming to replace the aging Panamera, and the Cayenne is due for a facelift that could bring an EV variant.

Will the next Porsche hypercar be all electric? You can bet your bottom dollar on it. “Before 2025, we won’t have a hypercar. Later on, it might be possible,” concludes Blume. Whatever comes next, you can bet it’ll live up to the Porsche name, and continue the lineage begat by 959, GT1 Strassenversion, Carrera GT, and 918 Spyder. It’ll be good.