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Resourceaholic: Year 9 Assessment Questions


Very last week I blogged about our Yr 8 assessments. I established out the concepts we comply with when we generate our Vital Stage 3 assessments, and I shared illustrations of the issues that challenged our greatest attaining college students. 

Present-day article is about 12 months 9. My school’s Yr 9 cohort has a incredibly vast array of maths attainment, which was further exacerbated by the lockdowns in Year 7 and 8. A person notable aspect of this calendar year team is how extremely very good the higher attaining pupils are. The top set teacher finds it really hard operate to sufficiently obstacle them in lessons. So when I built the finish of yr assessment, I experienced to be certain there had been a lot of questions in there to make them feel. I will not want any person coming out of a maths evaluation bragging that they discovered it really straightforward.

Here are some of the more complicated questions from our conclusion of Year 9 assessment.


At a live performance the ratio of men to girls is 5 : 3.

The ratio of gals to youngsters is 7 : 4.

Clearly show that extra than half of the men and women at the live performance are males.

This was a middle-of-the-paper dilemma. It really is not massively challenging – I taught established 4 out of 5 and a handful of of them managed to get entire marks on it. But I needed to consist of it listed here due to the fact it truly is a good query requiring a bit of reasoning. It was originally from an AQA specimen GCSE paper.

A far more complicated ratio concern was this one from Edexcel, which also analyzed a further 12 months 9 subject: transforming the subject matter.

The ratio (y + x) : (y – x) is equivalent to k : 1.

Obtain a method for y in conditions of k and x.

Surface Space

Surface space is a wonderful matter mainly because it presents a lot of opportunities for trouble solving and reasoning. For example, this typical query may well have been relatively easy for a superior attainer, but I like the way it truly is also available to any one who does a little bit of contemplating. I was delighted that a handful of pupils in my course worked this out. We place it in our non-calculator paper so it also analyzed their arithmetic.

The whole area region of a dice is 294cm2.

Work out the volume of the cube.

A a bit more tricky query was this a person from Edexcel. It isn’t going to have any specifically challenging reasoning in it, but has bought a various techniques to get the job done through, like unit conversion which might be missed. I like concerns exactly where college students have to establish that they have to have to get the job done with surface location alternatively than quantity.

The most hard surface region question I provided was this a person from AQA. Very several students could do this, even our greatest attainers. We will revisit queries like this in Yr 10.


I like this coal dilemma from WJEC. In Yr 9 we teach bounds and error intervals for the initially time. We introduce some standard bounds calculations, but go into increased depth on this at GCSE. This issue equipped perfectly. However, I believed our learners would discover it a lot easier than they did. I had it close to the start of the paper, but most the students in my class only picked up a single mark on it. My pupils are all working at a Grade 4 stage even though. Our better attaining pupils had no trouble with this a person.


We taught Venn Diagrams to 12 months 9 this yr. There were being some reasonably clear-cut Venn diagram queries nearer the commence of our finish of yr assessment, where by college students fundamentally just had to full numerous Venn Diagrams. But for problem I wished to exam being familiar with of notation as very well as chance, so I adapted an OCR AS level concern. Only our quite greatest mathematicians answered this appropriately.

Algebraic Proportion

Algebraic proportion can be incredibly procedural. As lengthy as learners read the issue diligently, at the time they know how to do it, it really is almost a assured five marks. So I integrated a non-calculator proportion question that was a bit diverse to inquiries they’d seen prior to. What I preferred about this was the accessibility: no 1 from my course acquired all the marks, but they did control to select up one particular or two.

Proper-Angled Trigonometry
This dilemma was my pièce de résistance. I figured that if our super clever Yr 9s breezed by means of all the other demanding questions I threw at them, they would certainly have to quit and believe at this level. This SQA problem is created to be solved applying the Sine Rule. But our pupils do not do the Sine Rule until finally 12 months 10. This problem can be finished with correct-angled trigonometry. The way I did it was by splitting the foundation into x and 350 – x, then forming two equations for the peak and equating them. Even if our learners managed to get this considerably, solving the equation would be reasonably difficult for them mainly because they haven’t viewed everything like this in advance of.

As it took place, none of our Year 9s managed to solve it in the way I envisaged. But a single pretty clever student came up with a genius (albeit inefficient!) strategy of trial and enhancement. I yelped with joy when I realised what he’d done:

It is really these types of a delight to see learners employing imaginative approaches like this.

I also uncovered some terrific challenging issues involving standard variety and percentages, but I will end at this point if not this blog site put up will go on forever! Like I claimed in my very last article, there are a lot of locations we can discover excellent assessment queries for Key Stage 3. It truly is a disgrace they aren’t centrally developed any more – the aged KS3 SATs contained good inquiries, but at the very least we can nevertheless attract on individuals to make our own assessments.

If you have any good 12 months 9 assessment concerns you’d like to share, make sure you tweet me. 

Thanks for reading!


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