July 18, 2024


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Shipments: Can You Track Expedited Shipping?

Autolinx Express Trucking Company Brampton Ontario

So far, a lot of our shopping has been done online and there have been a handful of cases where your parcel got lost during transport and would eventually cancel your order, and that is something we try to avoid at all times. If you want to be able to track your package, you can use the shipping teaching service by Sure Logix. So, can you track expedited shipping?

Benefits of Expedited Shipping:

  1. Faster delivery times

Your customers would not have to wait too long to receive their orders when they are choosing the expedited shipping. Some items may be more time sensitive than others, but generally, it is faster than when you just get it shipped normally. Freight companies would be able to determine the fastest and most efficient way to get the parcel delivered to the customer because they are experts in logistics.

  1. Scale your business quicker

Working with a freight company would help increase your sales, especially those companies specializing in expedited shipping because as your business grows, everything would be super hectic. You would not have to just sit down and ask yourself whether you could afford to hire more drivers or whether or not you could afford to increase your staff because all of those would be outsourced.

  1. More time to focus on your core competencies

The time you are spending in focusing all your energy and attention on making sure that your shipment is on time takes your time and focus away from focusing on your innovation, improving your marketing skills, and all other activities that you may need to do in order to make sure that your company is getting the publicity that it deserves.


If you are spending too much time on whether or not your product has arrived safely into the hands of your dear and loving customers, then maybe you should consider adding expedited shipping to your shipment options, and partner up with a freight company that would help you shoulder some part of your business.

  1. Lower your costs

Since not all businesses have full-time delivery drivers, you would actually be able to save money by outsourcing your shipping. It would help improve the scalability of your business, save your logistical hassle and help you and your business flourish and not break, especially during the peak of the holidays.

  1. Being able to provide your customers a better experience

Giving your customers options on whether or not they will receive their packages quicker is always good for you and your business. Aside from that, it would cost less, meaning, you could allot more of the budget on the product itself. The time and the resources would then allow you to improve your products and offer new innovative ones.

Does expedited shipping have a tracking number?

Yes, a tracking number would be provided to you if you want to do the expedited shipping. This would help you know where and when your parcel would be coming and inform you whether or not it is out of logistics, out of the facility or on their way towards you at that very moment.

Is expedited shipping guaranteed?

Expedited deliveries are definitely a shipment guaranteed as they ship to you whatever you ordered, in fact it is guaranteed that you would get it faster than how you would normally get any other packages. The expedited shipping option depends on the standard shipping services that are available to you, including shipping zone, shipping size, shipping weight, and other known factors.

Who delivers expedited?

If you are now just entering the online shopping world, there are a handful of businesses that allow expedited delivery to happen, but the most common and most popular thus far that does this would be Amazon. If you use Amazon and want to get the expedited delivery, there is an additional charge, depending on where you are from and the delivery time varies from 2 to 6 days tops.

Does expedited shipping deliver on weekends?

Majority of the shipping delivery does not offer delivery on Sunday and during bank holidays, which is something you should also take into consideration while you are placing your order.

How long is expedited shipping?

AgIan, depending on where you are and the circumstances of what you ordered, they usually arrive 2 to 6 business days. If it would originally take about 5 days to get your parcel, then you could expect that within 2 days, the delivery guy would be knocking on your door, already holding your package out for you.