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I don’t forget when I was pregnant all people would tell me, “Soak it all in! It goes by so promptly.” But when my son was 1, 2, and even 3, I felt, at that time, that all those were being the LONGEST years of my lifestyle. I imagined I might be reducing up food items into teeny small pieces and stating “be thorough” for the relaxation of my existence!

But when he started off college entire-time at 4 a long time outdated, which is when daily life picked up rate… and rapid! Days started out blending together, seasons flew by, and we have been singing “Content Birthday” what felt like each and every several months.

Now, my son turns 9. 9! Last year of single digits. I virtually never know how I went from obtaining a bean to obtaining a “Cam,” how I went from “mommy” to “mother,” how diapers grew to become small teeny briefs that then grew to become boxers, how we went from tear-free baby clean to entire body clean for adult men… it really is all flying by.

I will acknowledge it: I pass up the small-individual phase wherever I was awesome and enjoyable (and not the shame I am now!). I pass up the tiny items of food stuff and getting a helicopter mother at the park and calming major fears and kissing very little boo-boos. 

But 9 is interesting way too. We have an true human being now. Life is certainly less difficult and considerably less messy. We have an individual awesome to hang out with. He is tremendous amusing and mature, and really understands issues like sarcasm (which can be a good or a undesirable detail!).

And most of all: I love him a lot more and far more with every single passing yr.

Content birthday bud! You’ll often be that minimal bean that grew within my tummy. And you can expect to also normally be my complete favorite person.

A comprehensive-time do the job-from-household mom, Jennifer Cox (our “Supermom in Training”) enjoys dabbling in nutritious cooking, craft assignments, relatives outings, and a lot more, sharing with audience all the things she appreciates about becoming an (pretty much) superhero mommy.


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