Traditional Old-Age Homes vs Modern Retirement Homes in Kerala

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There have been a lot of changes in the lifestyles of human beings in the very recent past. Traditional old age homes in Kochi and retirement homes are too conservative and not flexible enough to accommodate the needs of today’s seniors. Old age homes were built when the life expectancy was very low. There was perhaps no need for senior living facilities, where elderly people live with full-time medical staff available round-the-clock. Today, although we know that there is nothing in life that is permanent, in the current lifestyle, we see that many seniors stay on in their own houses or flats even after they are old enough to require help with their daily routine. 

This post will compare the differences between traditional old age homes and modern retirement homes.

Traditional old-age homes

Traditional old-age homes (both government-run and privately owned) are housing, mainly hostel-like facilities, made for the elderly. They are no longer popular as the trend of retirement homes with better amenities seems to be the trend.

Modern Retirement Homes

These are residential hubs that are quickly gaining popularity among senior adults. These retirement communities are multi-unit living complexes specifically built for the elderly.  

These villages, also known as retirement homes, are “campus” style and feature independent living units (also known as “Modern Retirement Homes”) and various additional facilities and amenities such as landscaped gardens, community halls, recreational, medical, and other amenities. 

What’s the Difference Between Senior Living and Traditional Old-Age Homes?

As far as similarities can be seen, both feature old people occupying their homes. Senior living and traditional old-age homes are commonly used interchangeably in the media, resulting in misleading information about retirement possibilities for seniors.

Some may use the term “luxury old age home”; however, the facility in question is a retirement home. 

  • Availability of resources Traditional old-age homes provide only the most basic amenities. Seniors can expect it to be similar to a retirement home, where they can spend their golden years free of household chores and responsibilities. Traditional old-age homes, however, mostly lack significant amenities. Rooms for sleeping (mainly dormitories or shared with a handful of other seniors), a common dining hall, a visitor lounge, and shared bathrooms are all accessible for those living in them. 
  • Modern Retirement Homes: Independent living apartments make up retirement residences (also known as “modern retirement homes”). You can think of it as a senior-oriented housing complex. Master bedrooms, guest bedrooms, baths, living rooms, balconies, kitchens, and dining areas are all included in each apartment. Seniors have complete control over their apartments and have the space to live independently while still having the opportunity to socialise and participate with other seniors in the neighbourhood. 

Physical infrastructure 

  • Traditional old-age homes: Traditional old age homes in Kottayam provide minimal essentials for the elderly. Most seniors are supplied with a bed and a cabinet to store their clothing, and they are typically housed in shared dorms. Bathrooms are shared as well. Traditional old-age homes sometimes make seniors give up their independence due to limited facilities and most dorms or shared rooms.
  • Modern Retirement Homes: These retirement communities were built with the comfort and convenience of seniors in mind from the start. Some of the common infrastructures you can find at paid retirement homes include open grounds with lawns, recreational facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor games, restaurant-style cafeterias, and supermarkets within the campus.

Medical Assistance

  • Traditional old-age homes: Some traditional old-age homes feature on-site professional medical personnel. In the event of illness or an emergency, most traditional old-age homes offer their residents treatment at nearby hospitals.
  • Modern Retirement Homes: Modern Retirement Homes offer on-campus trained medical professionals who can provide first-aid and urgent medical assistance in an emergency. Furthermore, all retirement homes have affiliations with reputable hospitals, allowing residents to receive routine medical examinations and unique treatments. 

Nutrition and Food

  • Traditional old age homes: Food is provided in a mess-style cafeteria in traditional old-age homes. Depending on their dietary preferences, the seniors can eat vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals. 
  • Modern Retirement Homes: In a retirement home, you can continue to prepare meals in your apartment’s kitchen. If you want to take a break from preparing your meals every day, the community café halls offer delicious, nutritious, and balanced meals.

Family and Friends Visitations

  • Traditional old age homes: Visitation hours are set in traditional old-age homes. Only during these hours are inmates allowed to see their friends and relatives. Your children and grandchildren will not be able to stay with you.
  • Modern Retirement Homes: Since seniors own the apartment in a retirement home, they continue to receive and host your children, grandkids, extended family, and friends as they would have if they were living in their own homes.

Security and Safety

  • Traditional old age Homes: Seniors can feel comfortable and secure in traditional old-age homes and modern retirement houses. They have security personnel on campus who monitor the grounds and provide fast assistance to seniors in an emergency.
  • Modern Retirement Homes: Modern retirement homes are supervised by trained personnel. CCTV cameras are installed at all vantage points to provide round-the-clock surveillance. In addition, all employees in a retirement home have received training in emergency first aid.

There is no doubt that these old age homes will be beneficial to the poor and financially disadvantaged elderly. But due to limitations in areas of amenities, housing, and facilities, seniors might be dissatisfied and not have the best experience living in them. 

In contrast, modern retirement homes are a far cry from their predecessors. Retirement communities cater to those who wish to spend the rest of their lives in a peaceful environment, with access to high-quality health care and the freedom to pursue their own interests.


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