February 23, 2024


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Ukrainian family surprised with car


As the invasion in Ukraine continues, refugees are fleeing across the world seeking safety.

One family from Ukraine reunited with loved ones right here in the Treasure Valley. Their journey has not been simple, so local company Christian Brothers Automotive, decided to surprise them with a new car, to make their new life in America a little bit easier.

Dealing with one hardship after another, the Prudnikov family has been met with support since the start of their journey fleeing Ukraine like being surprised with a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer.

“The couple coming through here broke down and their way to Seattle to see their son. They left the vehicle with us and wanted to know if we wanted to fix it and donate it to somebody and the opportunity was right,” owner of Christian Brothers Automotive Rich Martinez said.

Christian Brothers Automotive

Idaho News 6

“We understand that everything that is happening to us Christians,” Ukrainian refugee Vitaliy Prudnikov said. “These are God’s plans and God is helping us settle and when we saw the car yesterday, we realized that the lord is looking out for us.”

With bombing, missiles and fear, the Prudnikov family left Ukraine and landed here in the Treasure Valley.

“Mariupol was… it became a city of ruins,” Prudnikov said.

A lot of their family was already here in the states and home didn’t feel like home anymore.

“The aggression that came to Mariupol when it was surrounded from all sides and when they circled it… it was a very rough situation,” Prudnikov said.

Now, they are getting back to normal and starting a new life here in Boise.

Tune into Idaho News 6 next week to learn more about this family’s journey escaping Ukraine and hear some of the stories they have from when the war broke out — right in their backyard.


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