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ValetPRO 24Plus Ceramic Coating – New for 2022


The ValetPRO vary has just about every thing you could potentially need to have for a major detailing session on your car’s exterior. Excellent pre-wash and clean items, equipment such as detailing brushes, microfibres and drying towels. Then there are leading-notch waxes, glass cleaners and tyre dressing products for these ending touches. Now, we can eventually add ValetPRO 24In addition Ceramic Coating to the selection.

ValetPRO 24Plus

You could say it has been the missing piece in the ValetPRO product or service jigsaw. All people else appears to offer you a ceramic coating these times, so what about ValetPRO? Very well, it has been a prolonged time coming, generally thanks to the intensive research, testing and improvement to be certain the item provides the goods. It absolutely does not disappoint.

ValetPRO 24Plus

Suitable for the residence person & enthusiast

The major goal with ValetPRO 24Plus was to make it accessible for the household car or truck care enthusiast, but also genuinely easy to apply and buff off. That is definitely two ticks for ValetPRO there and talking of ‘two’, which is precisely the quantity of a long time defense you can appreciate once totally coated and treated.

Valet PRO 24Plus

If the previously mentioned wasn’t sufficient to encourage you, then verify out the formal video clip from ValetPro below! There’s a full ‘how to’ demonstration together with products data and the stunning close effects on this putting blue Porsche.

What is ValetPRO 24In addition? The details about this new ceramic coating

ValetPRO 24Additionally Ceramic Coating £48.00

24Furthermore Ceramic Coating has been designed with the home car or truck treatment enthusiast in thoughts, as it features straightforward application processes and impressive durability, all with out getting much too high-priced on the pocket. Take pleasure in up to 2 yrs durability with ValetPRO 24Plus Ceramic Coating when surfaces are perfectly maintained in upcoming routine maintenance washes.

ValetPRO’s intention with 24Moreover was to produce a products that would not be way too difficult for the house consumer, but even now give the large high quality performance related with some more expertise options – something it absolutely does to whole impact.

  • Paintwork defense item
  • Simple to utilize ceramic coating defense for your auto
  • Up to 2 yrs guarded longevity
  • Gives impressive hydrophobic safety
  • Outstanding h2o beading abilities
  • Top quality glow and gloss

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