May 25, 2024


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Nick Mason’s Ferrari Testarossa for sale


It would possibly be realistic to propose that Nick Mason is recognised by a lot of as considerably for his cars as his tunes. That Reside 8 reunion, Pink Floyd’s first overall performance together in extra than 24 years, was by itself in July 2005, nearly 17 years in the past – when Tony Blair was however Key Minister. As if to verify the level, 2005 was a year following Into The Red was to start with revealed, Mason’s e book chronicling possession of some of the world’s most enjoyable autos. With a minimal support from Mark Hales, of course – it’s nicely value in search of out if you have not read it previously. For those people of us not, er, experienced plenty of to have regarded Pink Floyd at their peak, the ebook launched Mason as a car nut first, drummer next. 

Potentially his most popular automobile is the Ferrari 250 GTO the authentic bumf for the e book speaks of it being “highly expensive”, with “a price of £10m at its peak”. Ah, sweet, innocent, early 21st century. But Mason has also owned, amongst quite a few others, a Ferrari T3 F1 car or truck, an F40, a 250MM, a LaFerrari and this quite Testarossa. And that is just the Ferraris… 

Explained to be ordered new when accumulating his F40 from Maranello – as if the trip was not going to be memorable adequate – this 1989 example was owner by Mason for 3 several years. At which position he part exchanged it for a competitiveness 365 GTB/4 Daytona – the natural way. So not particularly extended-term possession by his exalted requirements but, nonetheless, there are a good deal of Testarossas out there that weren’t to start with owned by Pink Floyd’s drummer. 

At first Blu Sera, the Testarossa was afterwards resprayed Rosso Scuderia. Which does feel somewhat of a shame when you take into account how magnificent  it the moment appeared painted an inky dim blue – so it should be no shock that the final owner (who experienced the car for a ten years) bought it with the intention of returning the Testarossa to the unique colour. Another owner shouldn’t truly feel responsible about acquiring the career accomplished.  

That apart, it’s a fairly lovely Testarossa, remaining marketed with a detailed historical past and lots of original paperwork. It is believed to be just one of just 268 remaining British isles Testarossas if it goes back to blue then this will be one particular of only five. 

In spite of owning coated significantly less than a thousand miles a year since 1989, there are plenty of decrease mileage Testarossas out there for those people that want them. This is absolutely a motor vehicle from the higher servicing period of Ferrari, just one for distinctive occasions than far more typical use. Nonetheless, even people who really do not remember the Testarossas in time period have grown up admiring them, with values now reflecting that. This a person is £120k, with comparable Testarossas obtainable at far more cash – and afterwards TRs pricier nevertheless. So you have skipped the boat on even vaguely reasonably priced flat-12 Ferraris (or 180-diploma V12s, for the pedants) on the other hand, this one particular has some extra provenance for no high quality. And it’ll be one particular of the ideal looking Testarossas when it’s blue again… 


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