February 23, 2024


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Porsche backflips, confirms future hypercar is in development – report

Porsche backflips, confirms future hypercar is in development – report

Despite denying reports of a hypercar last year, Porsche’s boss has confirmed such a vehicle is indeed under development – likely powered by batteries.

After almost two years of unverified reports, Porsche has come clean about plans for a future halo model.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told the UK’s Car magazine the company was working on a 918 hypercar successor, but has admitted it won’t be coming to market until the second half of this decade.

“The hypercar is always a part of Porsche’s strategy,” Mr Blume said.

“Porsche was always successful with this kind of hypercar showing what is possible, showing future technologies, cutting-edge products,” he said.

“We will bring a hypercar when it’s time to bring it. So hypercars will play a role for Porsche in the future. But it isn’t decided yet…”

Despite the project not yet being at the sign-off stage, Mr Blume’s comments contradicted an earlier denial that such a vehicle was in development.

In July last year, Porsche released a statement – responding to media reports of a hypercar – telling US website Carscoops it was “[confirmed] that there are no plans for any car of this kind”.

The reports had originated from comedian and car collector Spike Feresten, who spoke about a new secret Porsche hypercar he said would be launched in late 2021, claiming on his podcast Spike’s Car Radio it was possible to put a deposit down on the model.

Above: Porsche’s last hypercar, the 918 Spyder, revealed in 2013.

While a production car never eventuated, in the final weeks of 2021 Porsche did unveil the Vision Gran Turismo (pictured top) – a concept created for a video game, with the vehicle curiously sharing a number of design elements with its 963 LMDh prototype racing car, later revealed in June 2022.

Mr Blume says the brand is focusing on its new range of electric cars for the time being, like the next-generation 718 Boxster and Cayman due mid decade, as well as its SUV line-up.

“We are concentrating on electromobility, we have so many products in the next few years and then we will leverage when will be the right moment to bring it – and when we want to show cutting-edge technology. But the hypercar is always a part of Porsche’s strategy,” he added.

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