July 17, 2024


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10 fun Montessori Toy Ideas for your Toddler

10 fun Montessori Toy Ideas for your Toddler

I am not wildly old fashioned when it comes to toys I am all about musical toys, legos, blocks and anything that brings my child joy. I have noticed throughout the years I am really liking toys that can really bring out that independence and creativity and have really found that with montessori toys. Here is a list of fun montessori gift ideas for your little one!


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1. Brain Teaser Puzzles!

These are a lot of fun because it really challenges your little one’s brain into figuring out how to fit the pieces together! Not only that they are learning colors, shapes and getting creative! FIND IT HERE ON AMAZON



2. Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game!

SERIOUSLY HOW CUTE! I don’t know if anyone remembers the fishing game where you turn it on the fish go in a circle chomping open and closed while you try to fish them out? This is like that however it doesn’t move BUT the quality will last forever due to being wooden AND there are letters under each fish! So much fun! Your kiddo will enjoy it as well! FIND IT HERE ON AMAZON



3. Sight Words Montessori Spinning Alphabet Learning Toy!

I love that the quality is fantastic meaning everything will hold up longer! They can get creative with their words, make words that match each card and really have fun learning as they play! FIND IT HERE ON AMAZON



4. Wooden Shape Sorting Puzzles!

I love these because your child can learn colors and shapes and work on puzzles and sorting! FIND IT HERE ON AMAZON



5. Wooden Animal Puzzles!

Seriously how adorable are these? I love that these puzzles can stand upright when together or they can build them on the puzzle board! FIND IT HERE ON AMAZON



6. Montessori Quiet time book!

I love soft books for kids! I remember when my oldest was a toddler I would find him fabric books with items attached for play and he LOVED them! This is absolutely adorable! SO many cute things in this book! I’ll share the link and you can check out what comes in it! Adorable!!! FIND IT HERE ON AMAZON



7. Wooden Race Car Ramp with 7 Mini Cars!

This is a fun way for your child to play and learn colors! We actually have one like this and our kids have loved it! When the car gets to the edge it flips and continues! Hours of fun entertainment! FIND IT HERE ON AMAZON



8. 11 Piece Montessori Wooden Screw Driver Board! 

What a fun way to get your kiddo involved in learning how to use tools, be creative and to stay busy! FIND IT HERE ON AMAZON



9. 70 Piece Multifunction Block set by Lovevery!

This is definitely an all in one – HOURS of fun- Toy set! They can build, stack, sort, learn and create for hours! I also own a few items made by Lovevery and absolutely adore their products! Check this item out and their other items they have! FIND IT HERE ON AMAZON


10. Wooden Music Rainbow Marble tree!

Your kiddo can drop the ball from a the top and then it follows each piece of colorful leaves, the children will hear the sound of “ding-ding” music. How adorable and fun for hours! Music, colors and a fun time with marbles! FIND IT HERE ON AMAZON



Amazon has a ton of other goodies! Click an item, check it out and browse to see what else you can find or like for your little! I’d love to hear any recommendations on toys your kiddo likes/has liked! You can leave a comment or create a forum thread sharing ideas with other parents!


What I really like about montessori toys is they can be played with by any age so if you gift something to your little it can be used for years. I will get my youngest something and then I will find my much older other children enjoying the toys as well! It is a lot of fun to see them all enjoying something together!