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7 Ways to Help Your Family Transition to a New Home – MotherhoodLater.com

7 Ways to Help Your Family Transition to a New Home – MotherhoodLater.com

7 Ways to Help Your Family Transition to a New Home

Families all react to needing to sell your home and move in different ways. Many children of all ages wish they could keep their lives the same and not move at all. A good way to promote a positive move experience with every member of the family is to open up positive memory making and personal choices early on.

Start with daydreaming and realizing possibilities

When a move is definitely happening (ideally after you know some things about the new home), start daydreaming with your kids. “I wonder what the new home will be like?” can start a conversation. Even resistant movers may start to get into this game and find a silver lining or something exciting to look forward to.

Let children weigh in where possible on choices

When it comes to things like what furniture will go with you and what color the new homes walls will be, try to find space for kids to make choices. Giving them some control can make a chaotic season feel a bit more in their hands. That being said, try not to offer choices when you know you’ll have to veto their likely preferences.

Make games out of packing and reducing clutter

Racing each other to pack clothes and making a big deal out of how many toys they donate can cheer kids up and keep the chores moving forward. Games can ease the feeling of possessiveness if there really needs to be some decluttering before the move, especially if your kids see that you are removing some of your own belongings as well.

Come up with ideas to try in your new neighborhood

While packing or moving, use Google Maps to find a park, ice cream shop, or store that each family member would like to visit in your area. Make plans to explore new things to get to know your new neighborhood. You can even print a map and use pushpins to show where you’ve tried so far.  From the beginning, use the insights of your real estate agent to learn of local destinations everyone might enjoy.

Fill moving days with small surprises

If moving entails a good amount of time in the car, make it as fun as possible.  Having novelty snacks, games, or a show they may stream, can help take the edge off for everyone. If you need ideas, look up car games and activities.

Unpack and organize together

As you unpack, try to keep all family members engaged in knowing where things are and creating a home organization system that feels good for everyone.

Personalize where possible in your new home

If your child can bring posters or wall art from the old home, you might find they feel comforted to have it all in the same configuration in their new room (take a reference picture before packing up!). Other kids may already be tired of their rooms and want a chance to start fresh; follow their lead so that the new home starts to feel like a welcome personal space for them.