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Tutorial: Bella Hadid Winged Smokey Eye Makeup


Tutorial: Bella Hadid Winged Smokey Eye Makeup
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When Bella Hadid attended the 2022 Cannes Festival in a vintage Versace dress and paired it with a razor-sharp eyeliner look, it became an instant hit. Created by a Palestinian makeup artist Nadia Tayeh, the intense Bella Hadid’s winged smokey eye has brought attention to Bella’s eyes and stood out in photos. Let’s attempt to recreate this iconic makeup look.

Follow these steps to recreate this iconic Bella Hadid winged smokey eye look.


1. Start by outlining the wing with a flat angled brush with a pressed eyeliner or eyeshadow. I used Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Black Ebony. It’s easier to correct mistakes with a powder product rather than a waterproof liquid eyeliner. 

2. Blend the black eyeshadow from the wing’s edge towards the lid’s middle using a small brush. I used the shade “Noir” from Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Soft Glam Palette.

3. Tightline the lower and upper lid with a soft eye pencil. I used L’Oreal Le Liner in black.

4. When the shape of the wing is done, go over it with a waterproof eyeliner by Stila to create more defined and sharp lines.

Pro tip: You can use a thin scotch tape or a dedicated makeup tape to make your eyeliner wings even more precise and sharp.

5. Apply a nude eyeshadow tone in the middle of the lid and blend towards the wing. I used the shade “Tempera” from the same palette. For the crease area, blend a tiny amount of the shade “Incense.”

6. Put mascara only on the top lashes, so you don’t distract the attention from the winged eyeliner. I used Dior Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara.

Pro tip: If you smudged your mascara, wait until it’s dry and remove it with just a dry cotton swab. Don’t use an eye makeup remover as it will move and ruin the eyeshadow look.


7. Brush your brows with a clear gel, like Benefit Cosmetics Brow Setter. Fill in the gaps with a soft brow pencil; I used Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat in Medium Brown.

8. For the face, I applied Anastasia Beverly Hills Magic Touch Concealer under the eyes and cheekbones and blended it all with a makeup sponge. That way, my makeup looked less “done” on the outer sides of my face, while my under-eye circles got fully camouflaged.

9. When it comes to contouring, I only used Chanel Les Beiges Bronzer, heavily applied under the cheek to create a sculptured look.

10. For lips, I paired Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Pencil with Rose Inc Lipstick in Besotted and topped it with a Highlighter Wand in Pillow talk.

Which celebrity look would you like me to recreate next?


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